OASIS® Medical Launches Three New Solutions at AAO 2019

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OASIS® Medical Launches Three New Solutions at AAO 2019



OASIS Medical is launching a new FEATHER® RIB-R Resuable Blade, Surgeon's Choice customized surgical delivery system, and a new line of nutraceuticals.

Glendora, CA – OASIS® Medical Inc., manufacturer and distributor of SOFT PLUG® brand of punctal plugs, Oasis TEARS® Preservative-Free Lubricating Eye Drops, and US distributor for Feather® Micro Ophthalmic Scalpels is launching a new FEATHER®RIB-R reusable blade,  Surgeon’s Choice customized surgical delivery system, and  a new line of nutraceuticals  that includes Oasis TEARS Vision™ Dietary Supplement,  and Oasis TEARS Omega 3 Dietary Supplement all at AAO In San Francisco October 12 through the 15th at OASIS Medical Booth number MS6052.

“We’re pleased to announce the new Feather® RIB R keratome knife which has demonstrated superior sharpness and performance. Then our customized Surgeon’s Choice is a new way to deliver disposable instruments to the surgical suite. It has a patent pending. On a different front, we encourage people to keep their eyes out for the new cyber platform.” Craig Delgado, President of OASIS® Medical Inc.

The new Feather® Micro Ophthalmic Scalpel RIB-R is a keratome blade is designed for improved operability with a shortened length from blade tip to bend from 8mm to 6mm. The arrowhead-shaped curved edge reducing incision resistance and both sides of the knife are thinly grinded for a RIB shape. Available now.

Surgeon’s Choice is a new delivery system that brings the option for a personalized surgical solution designed for each physician and surgical center to enhance patient care, bring efficiency to the surgical process, and deliver convenience to the surgical team. Available now.

OASIS Medical’s new nutraceutical line unveils the patent pending formulation Oasis TEARS VISION™ and Oasis TEARS OMEGA 3™ dietary supplements. Oasis TEARS Vision™ contains a unique combination of maqui berry, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein, and DHA all delivered in small soft gel.  One capsule is the serving size and is packaged as a 30 day supply. Oasis TEARS OMEGA™ contains 3,000mg of DHA and EPA in a 3 capsule serving size. A single capsule hold 1,000mg of DHA and EPA making the physician recommended dosing adjustments convenient. Availability dates are shown below.

Estimated Availability DateProduct NameQty Per CasePart Number
October 30Oasis TEARS VISION™ 12 bottlesON3010 
November 15Oasis TEARS OMEGA 3™ 12 bottlesON3000
OASIS® Medical Inc. new surgical and nutraceutical line additions complement the broad array of products OASIS brought the eye care community. These solutions include: Oasis TEARS® line of preservative free lubricating eye drops, Oasis LID & LASH line of eyelid and lash hydrating cleansers, and Oasis REST & RELIEF Hot & Cold Eye Mask.  OASIS also produces a variety of punctal plugs including : SOFT PLUG® Extended Duration absorbable punctal plugs that come in up to 90 and up to 180 day options for dry eye patients, SOFT PLUG® Collagen Punctum Plugs, SOFT PLUG Silicone Flow Control, and FORM FIT® Hydrogel Intracanalicular Plugs.

OASIS® Medical Inc., offers its solutions through the following site:, or contact (844) 820-8940.

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OASIS® Medical Launches Three New Solutions at AAO 2019

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