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Our Values



OASIS® is a continuously improving company, deeply committed to truth in its business approach, relationships, and products based on our foundation of accountability and care. We welcome genuine feedback from customers and our team to continue evolving as a purposeful company.


solution-based products

Our values of integrity and quality guide our commitment to solution-based products, which enhance patient care. From the beginning, OASIS® has been a practice-based company focused on building the Dry Eye and Surgical practice through the sophisticated resources and tools we offer.



OASIS® is committed to offering informed, relevant solutions based on truth. To do this, we listen first and ask questions to understand an issue. Our professionalism is demonstrated by sophisticated and innovative thinking. We lead with a nimble consultative approach that seeks to add value. Our process intends to cultivate solutions rather than merely sell a product. Our goal is to create a partnership for OASIS® and the Doctor so that both parties prosper.



OASIS® nourishes and sustains the eye-care community for the long-term through our strategic partnering relationships with Eye Care Providers. This investment supports doctors to improve the quality of patients’ eye care experiences. As consultants, we invest resources to equip doctors and assist their practices. This strategy allows OASIS® to cultivate a genuinely caring and efficient patient experience within individual practices.



In addition to an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, truth, accountability, strategic relationships, a consultative approach, a quality eye care experience, solution-based products, relevance, and professionalism, we are genuinely committed to a mutually beneficial approach for all who work with OASIS®. Our commitment extends to a positive cash flow, profitability, financial security, and long-term sustainability.

Our Story

A Company Founded on Exceptional Standards

Founded in 1987 by Norman Delgado and headquartered near Los Angeles, OASIS Medical, Inc., is a specialty manufacturer of eye care products and surgical supplies, instruments, and disposables. For over 30 years, OASIS® has been manufacturing a broad range of products for use in cataract, refractive, dry eye, and retinal disease for domestic and international sale. From day one of operations, Oasis was a national company, with international sales before the end of its first year.

An Expanding Portfolio

The founding vision of Oasis was to ensure that the company continually addresses the changing needs of surgeons, clinicians, and patients. OASIS offers a portfolio of exceptional products while improving the way products are packaged, delivered, or sold. The original product portfolio of OASIS consisted of single-use surgical items. The three main initial product categories were disposable cannulas, Feather scalpels, and a manual I/A system invented by Robert Fabricant, MD. Since then, we have expanded to offer a wide range of more than 300 ophthalmic and optometric accessories, supplies, and instruments.

Looking Forward

Now under the leadership of Craig Delgado, president of the company, OASIS efficiently delivers solution-focused products to eye care practices. OASIS will continue to provide innovative, differentiated products for eye care providers and consumers.

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2035 E. Financial Way, Glendora, CA 91741



510-528 S. Vermont Ave, Glendora, CA 91741


Located in Glendora, California, OASIS is an ISO 13485:2016 (MDSAP) | EN ISO 13485:2016 certified facility. The Oasis Quality System complies with European and Canadian medical device standards and the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR §820). Oasis Medical, Inc., owns or has registered the following trademarks: OASIS®, Oasis TEARS®, OASIS® REST & RELIEF™, Oasis TEARS Oasis LID & LASH®, Oasis TEARS HYPOCHLOROUS®, Oasis TEARS OMEGA®3, Oasis TEARS® VISION, SOFT PLUG®, SOFT SHIELD®, SOFT CELL®, VISCO SHIELD®, SBP®, Form Fit®, Premier Shield™, and Premier Edge®.

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