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Feather Ultra-Sharp Slit Scalpel (Keratome) - 2.4mm Reusable


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The latest ultra-sharp keratome from Feather, created using cutting edge processing technology.

This micro scalpel is used for sclerocornea centesis incisions during cataract surgery. A choice of knives with keratome angles and bevels allows surgeons to make a wide range of incisions. In the case of centesis incision into the sclera and cornea, a wider keratome angle makes it easier to create straight outward and inward incision lines. This is important because a straight incision line contributes to greater self-sealing.

A single Feather micro scalpel is a cost-effective solution to the inefficient constraints of reprocessing and resterilizing single-use scalpels through a government-certified facility. Feather is designed for repeated use, can be resterilized at your surgical facility, and is easily disposed of after multiple uses.

  • Diamond-like sharpness
  • 5 per box
  • Sure-grip aluminum handle
  • Stainless steel micro blades
  • Individual autoclavable case
  • 45° angle

  • Download PDF Feather Scalpels Product Sheet

    Feather scalpels offered by OASIS.

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